Guide to Choose Aquarium Pebbles

Guide to Choose Aquarium Pebbles

Decoration of aquarium tanks is next-level fun. You may love to put a lot of wood, air stones, and pebbles to enhance the beauty of your tank. Aquarium pebbles are considered the most favorable and demanding aquarium substrates over stones and woods. The benefits of putting pebbles are not only limited to decorative purposes.

The proper allocation of the  aquarium pebbles is necessary for the life of the marine animals in the tank. Any gravel is not suitable for all types of animals, plants, or the type of water. Here, you will be guided to use appropriate pebbles for your aquarium.

How to choose? 

Some fundamental factors come into play when selecting the appropriate gravel. More importantly, it is judged by the type of water used in the tank, whether fresh or saltwater. A freshwater tank is subsequently used for keeping fish as a hobby. At the same time, saltwater one has less variety and is quite expensive to maintain.

Marine animals usually have very particular biological needs, and the choice of stone includes aragonite, shell, and calcium-based aquarium pebbles.

Right size and color

The natural gravels are the most commonly suited for the fish hobbyists, while few others have colored and unnatural-looking pebbles making them unsatisfying for use. Many people have witnessed that, due to colored stones, the color of the fish’s skin gets affected and mitigating their life expectancy.

The smaller one is preferable when it comes to size because larger stones can create a toxic environment due to leftover food between them.

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