The Best Advice You Could Get About Green Mark Certification

The Best Advice You Could Get About Green Mark Certification

Green Mark is an independent, impartial and transparent certification system that evaluates the environmental friendliness of buildings. It helps building owners and developers develop structures with good ecological features. It enables tenants, buyers, and the public to have meaningful information on the environmental performance of the building.

Basics of green mark certification

Green Mark is the Singapore government’s accreditation system for green buildings. It was introduced by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) to encourage developers to build environmentally-friendly buildings. The green mark certification criteria cover many environmental issues, including energy efficiency, water efficiency, indoor environmental quality, and environmental protection. These criteria are then used to assess a building’s operational performance and impact.

The green mark certification process starts with an application submitted to BCA. The application must be accompanied by documentation on the design and plans of the proposed building. BCA will then assess the documentation against the Green Mark criteria. If your proposal satisfies the requirements of at least 80 points in the Green Mark scoring system, your development will receive a provisional green mark award.

After obtaining provisional approval from BCA, you must submit further documentation showing that you have incorporated green features into your building’s design and construction process. BCA will then conduct an on-site inspection to verify the claims made in your supporting documents. If you pass this inspection, your building will be awarded the full Green Mark certification for two years, during which BCA can carry out periodic on-site checks to verify that the claimed green features are still being implemented in your building.


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